Cada día debemos ayudar con comida para los perros! No recibimos ayuda de la ciudad o de gobierno y sólo podemos alimentar a nuestros perros con tu apoyo… ellos comen 125 kilos diarios y tu ayuda es crítical!!! Por favor utilice el enlace de donaciones (paypal) en nuestra página principal de ayuda!

   Each day we need help to feed the dogs! We receive no help from the city or government    and can only feed them with your support…they eat nearly 225 pounds per day of food and your help is critical!!! Please visit the paypal link on our main page and donate to help!


  • Maria Paoli

    21 Sep 2012

    Es maravilloso su trabajo

    • Lisa

      10 Oct 2012

      mil gracias Maria!

  • Louise

    03 Mar 2013

    My husband and I live full time in Cancun and we already have two dogs that we love dearly.l We would like to adopt another one…. preferably a puppy. Do you have any available? I there a place we can to to in Cancun where we can see the dogs you do have for adoption?

    • Lisa

      24 Mar 2013

      Hi Louise, thanks for wanting to adopt! we have about a million dogs for adoption :)...can you visit us next Saturday by chance? it's our main visiting day...if not, we can arrange with you. WE are located about 20 minutes outside of the city on the 'old' highway that goes to Merida. If you want to email me at or send a Facebook message, i will be happy to give you directions, it's an easy drive. Thanks! Lisa

  • Gloria Mesa

    31 Aug 2013

    I love your labor of love! I always dreamed of creating a place like that for every animal in need..

    I am going to be contacting friends to see what can we do to help you get food and hopefully money for other medical needs..

    Hopefully en Mexico every city can have a place like this..

    Sending you love,

    Gloria Mesa

    • Lisa

      05 Sep 2013

      Thank you so much for your words and the love. We wish every city could have a place like this too :) thanks, and we hope some day you can visit us in person. Saludos!

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